The title of the study was to explore factors influencing the management of women project in Kipipiri sub-county. The objectives of the study were to find out the influence of demographic size, leadership style, and the management skills used in women projects. The researcher used qualitative approach method to collect, explore and analyze data. The researcher used target population of 35 women projects, simple random sampling was used, the sample size of 105 was used. Sampled persons were chairpersons, secretaries and the treasurers. The researcher also used questionnaire as the research instrument to collect data. Researcher analyzed the collected data using descriptive statistics to get frequency, percentage and tables. The average response to the factors were as follows: The response to demographic size influence to the management was 97%, leadership style influenced management of women projects with 74% while management skills was influenced with 82% of the total respondents. It was therefore recommended that the management of women group projects should have at least more than 35 members in each group project. This can be done by mobilizing and motivating the community. Leaders should be well trained in management skills effectively in relation to the work they do day in day out. The women group projects should ensure that the leadership styles existing in the group projects should be able to cater for the issues regarding the whole group effectively and solving the problems in the women project.