Research Projects

i ICT-Supported Distance Education in Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya: Towards the Development of Technical and Educational Quality Indicators and Functional Parameters’, Time frame: 2011-2014. Lead Researcher: Prof. Elijah Omwenga, Others: Prof. Arno Libotton, Prof. Fredrick Questier, Prof. Peter Wagacha, Prof. Christopher Gakuu, Dr. Harriet Kidombo, Dr. Joyce Mbwesa, Dr. Robert Oboko, and Dr. Patricia Muchiri. This project is sponsored by The Belgium Government through VLIR.


  1. Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of ICTs in Education in Africa’, Timeframe: 2007-2011. Principal Researchers - Prof. Christopher Gakuu; Deputy Principal Researcher - Dr. Harriet Kidombo. Partner Researchers: Dr. Naomi Gikonyo, Dr. Omondi Bowa, Dr. Anne Nderitu, Mr. Augustine Mwangi. Sponsored by IDRC, Canada through PanAf/ ROCARE.


  1. Development of e-content for project proposal writing training materials for study, Timeframe:  2011-2012. Dr. Harriet Kidombo, Prof. Christopher Gakuu, Dr. Omondi Bowa. Sponsored by UNITID Fellowship programme.


  1. Training of Writers of Distance and e-Learning Materials, Timeframe: Jan - March 2011. Dr. Harriet Kidombo, Prof. Christopher Gakuu Moi University, Institute of Gender,