Collaborations in Distance Studies

Weitz Center For Development Studies

Link: Weitz Center for Development Studies

Alliance High School

A partner instituition  for face to face  tuition for our distance students

Link: Alliance High School

Commonwealth Youth Programme

  1. The University has been involved through the Faculty of External Studies in its initiation and pre-testing.
  2. CYP is a module three (3) programme, with written materials provided by the Commonwealth Youth Programme.
  3. The University has the capacity to adopt the programme through student projects to the Kenyan situation. The project outputs of the students of CYP have been rated highly internationally.
  4. The University is committed to development of the youth through research, education and training.
  5. The University is a member of Commonwealth Universities and thus has a role to play in promotion of Commonwealth Values.


Link: Commonwealth Youth Programme

Dvv (german Adult Education Association)

Deutscher Volkshochschulverband(DVV) has been supportive Adult Education our College for a long time especially through the Diploma in Adult Education.

The Department of DDS expects to receive educational materials, such as journals and books, for its regional libraries from DVV.

Link: DVV (German Adult Education Association)

Eagle Air Aviation College

Eagle Air Aviation College for all Air travel courses


International Movement Of Catholic Students (imcs)

The International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) – Pax Romana

In Africa, the movement was established in 1956 but it is only after 1978 that the movement got a permanent Secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya. Since then, the movement has successfully spread its wings and is now present in 35 and currently expanding to update to 35 countries and recognized by the Episcopal Conferences of 25 countries in which we have affiliated active members. 

Link: International Movement of Catholic Students

Kenya Technical Teachers College(kttc)


Life Bloom Services

Our  mandate is to intervene on behalf of vulnerable women and children (commercial sex workers, defiled and abused girls and women, and poor, single-mother households), and most at risk male population (matatu drivers, bar/lodge managers, truck drivers and security firms workers). We implement a comprehensive and integrated rehabilitation project for Commercial Sex Workers within Naivasha district of Kenya.

Link: Life Bloom Services

Ministry Of Education

Link: Adult & Distance Education, Ministry of Education

Umtapo Centre

The Umtapo Centre is a non-profit development organisation whose mission is to engage in education, training, community mobilisation, and networking in order to empower people, particularly youth, to take control of their own lives in the struggle for sustainable development, peace, and human rights.

Link: Umtapo Centre